Think You’re Safe from False Imprisonment? THINK AGAIN!

by James Bauhaus

In Arizona v Youngblood 109 s ct 333 (1988) police convicted an innocent man and imprisoned him for life using no evidence at all except the say-so of a ten year old child. How? By (1) Stealing the man’s car and destroying it so it could not be used to prove it did not match the boy’s original description, (2) By destroying the DNA and fingerprint evidence so it could not be used to prove mistaken identity, and (3) By sending a swarm of police and social workers after the boy and teaching him to point at and recognize the man police found easiest and nearest to target.

Like water, police always choose the easiest path. Same with judges, DAs and jurors.

Through long practice, these police and courthouse manipulators of the public can and do every day orchestrate the media, public and jurors to convict on cue, same as the musicians follow the bandleader. The hardened, non-rookies of the courthouse and police depts’ conviction machines are not interested in nailing the guilty person as much as they are striving to convict any plausibily convictable person, regardless of guilt! They get paid the same, either way, guilty or not.

Standard, routine, everyday procedure is for police to contrive evidence that convicts, trash evidence that proves innocence, and to Mainly rely upon manufacturing or training prosecution witnesses to attack their chosen accusee. Police, DAs and judges actually abhor physical, scientific evidence because it can’t be trained to point and scream “That’s Him!”

Police and courtcrats long ago discovered their conviction machines doze over their accusee-victims much more efficiently when they model their courtroom rituals after soap operas.

Evidence just gets in the way, and it’s boring!

Laws that help police manufacture prosecution eyewitness perjury sufficient for them to convict innocent people are those that give them immunity from civil suits. Only Maine outlaws this: every other state makes trial perjury immune to civil lawsuits. This means that when police trick, scold, wheedle, bludgeon, lie or otherwise convince their prosecution witnesses to lie you into prison, you can never sue them: they are completely safe to lie under oath in court during trials because (1) chances are you’ll never discover they lied and (2) even if you find proof of your innocence and proof of their perjury, they are immune to all lawsuits you can bring against them.

Worse, the courtcrats can prosecute them if the don’t lie for police! This is exactly what ‘Officer’ Jes McCullough did in my own case. The witness told him she knew I could not have been the person she saw because my hair was 4 or 5 inches too long and the wrong color. “Officer” McCullough decided to convict me anyway because he and another crooked cop, Larry Johnson, had already tricked an old woman into signing their statement against me. They were not about to throw away a signed statement just because it accused a innocent man. Instead, “Officer” McCullough simply wrote out a police report in which he merely lies, saying “Mrs Baker identified (me) as the killer.” Months and months later at the trial, other police simply pulled out McC’s lying report, accuse Mrs Baker of lying to police and threaten her with jail: Mrs Baker quickly sheds all her ethics and gladly lies me into prison in order to dodge jail herself. (Pretty neat trick, huh!)

Yes, the courthouse crews in 49 states maintain a monopoly on who can bludgeon who with perjury and who is safe to lie on the witness stand. Only Prosecution witnesses are safe from perjury charges and can lie at will for the courthouse crew/police conviction machines. Every tort law in every state has an escape clause for perjurors (except Maine):

Lying in court can not be sued for. Also, courtroom perjurors are immune to all civil rights lawsuits too, as are jurors, lawyers, judges, elected officials, police and govt

employees. When politicians proudly proclaim that “no one is above the law” they are not talking about themselves, prosecution witnesses, lawyers, judges, police, jurors, other politicians or govt employees: these people ARE above the law. They ALL have immunity from civil lawsuits.

Police are also assisted in Maintaining the conviction of innocent persons by crooked rulings of the United States Supreme Court (ussc). Even if you later are able to prove your innocence, the ussc says “Mere innocence is not enough to obtain release from prison.”

(If you’re not guilty, then why the Hell are you in prison?) You must not only prove you are innocent, you must also prove the prosecution violated one of the nine of your Constitutional rights!    (The tenth one, the one that used to “guarantee” your right to “(effective) assistance of counsel” does not count! Your lawyer can be as worthless as an anvil for a flotation device and NO federal court will even look at your brief. Why? Because most lawyers are obviously and completely ineffective. Since they are all worthless and the majority of them actually harmful to your cause, the federal courts simply STOLE this right so they would no longer be constantly deluged by it. Instead of cleaning up their own sewer, they just trashed this part of the Constitution instead, freeing lawyers to become ever more worthless, harmful and ineffective.

People on death row have proved their innocence and still the judicial system fried them. Why? Because the police were excellent at concealing evidence that rights were violated. The judges help them by making crooked rulings that say you must prove the police purposely and maliciously trashed the evidence. Police and DAs are especially trained to only ‘negligently’ ‘lose’ evidence. If they can make the judge think that the evidence just vanished and it was nobody’s fault, YOU LOSE: Worse, the judges are especially glad to see no fault with police when they ‘lose’ tons of evidence daily. Judges even help police destroy evidence by ordering (on the sly) warehouse-fulls of evidence ‘disposed of’ to, ostensibly, make room for more. Judges, police, DAs and even defense lawyers are glad and happy to assist each other in keeping innocent people convicted because hiding their crimes, mistakes and corruptions helps keep the ignorant taxherd respecting them and foolishly thinking them and their institutions infallible. The main business of the police and courtcrats is to facilitate their more efficient harvesting of the taxherd. This is not done by correcting mistakes, but by hiding them.

Judges screw innocent prisoners too by shifting unliftable burdens of proof onto their backs. After police have stolen, concealed and/or destroyed all the innocence-proving evidence, you must find it while in prison, prove police purposely destroyed it or lost it, and prove you couldn’t have found it sooner through use of ‘Due Diligence’ on your part.

Otherwise the judges refuse to even look at it, haughtily proclaiming that you somehow “waived” your right to bring up new evidence.

Finding it is next to impossible. Proving police purposely lost or destroyed it or concealed it is even more impossible. Absolutely impossible is convincing the judge you exercized ‘due diligence’ in finding it when you did. In eve    case the judge will claim you could have found it sooner, and since you didn’t find it before, you can’t use it now because you “waived your right” by not finding it the very second it COULD have been found.

By placing these impossible burdens on the fraudulently convicted, no innocent person ever leaves prison through proof of innocence alone.

Judges also assist crooked police and lying prosecution witnesses in maintaining the innocent in prison by the lawyer’s doctrine of “presuming themselves correct”. Specifically, this doctrine is used by appeals judges. Suppose that years later the police mistakenly turn loose of previously secret police reports that prove: (1) Police concealed an eyewitness. (2) Police concealed three eyewitnesses’ first descriptions of the killer. (3) Police concealed at least two drawings of the killer made by these witnesses, and (4) All three witnesses’ descriptions and drawings of the killer agree he had short brown hair when their chosen target’s hair was much too long and black instead of the brown they all three described. Obviously the two eyewitnesses that the cops did disclose did not tell the whole truth by ‘forgetting’ that the killer had short brown hair. Just as obviously, the eight cops did not tell the whole truth by ‘forgetting’ that the three eyewitnesses all had them and the rest of their police department buddies scouring the city looking for a killer with short, brown hair before they decided to target me and my long, black hair.

By using their “presumed correct” doctrine, 25 appeals judges in 7 courts all dodged justice, kept an obviously innocent man in prison, and protected the real killer from conviction by puking this nonsense: “The trial court judges are presumed to be correct in in stances of identification testimony by witnesses.”

Fact is, the in-court identification of suspects is nothing but the end result of in-tense police training of their witnesses. Police train their eyewitnesses more thoroughly than circus sea lions are trained to blow a melody on a rack of trumpets. Eyewitlesses are first trained to salivate at the sight of police-chosen suspects dragged up to them at the crime scene. Next, police train the eyewitless with pictures and lineups in their homes and at the jail. Next, eyewitlesses are trained to point at the selected accusee just before and during the preliminary hearing. Lastly, police and the DAs train the witnesses to point at the accusee before and during the trial. That’s seven times that the police and DAs train the eyewitnesses how to say they are “absolutely positive; that’s the guy!”

If they can’t get it right in seven training sessions, they must be blind, deaf and stupid. Anyone with at least two brain cells can seethe fact that the first description of the culprit is the most accurate and truthful. Obviously appeals judges dreamed up this “(the last training session at) trial identification is presumed correct” nonsense for one purpose: to help police and DAs continue their corrupt training of eyewitlesses and to prevent innocent persons from escaping prison by finding the unadulterated first, most accurate, most truthful descriptions of the real culprit.

Police, DAs, judges and lawyers all benefit profusely by maintaining this vast flexibility for their own use. Because they can talk any type of nonsense and make it stick, and trick willing, gullible jurors with it, YOU can be enslaved forever for nothing more than the fact that a crime occurred nearby and police targeted you for it.

Once you get eaten by their conviction machine, you’re gone forever. You will always remain a victim of their depredations in one form or another.

Another benefit judges give police is extra credibility: “Police testimony is the yardstick by which a11 other testimony is gauged.” This stipulation is in every law book, and nobody has ever realized (except the victims enslaved by it) that the police’s testimony is often more lies than truth.

The judges all use this police-more-truthful-more-accurate-more-knowing-more-every-thing” yardstick to ignore whatever you say no matter how logical or how well the facts bear you out. Whatever story the police and DAs concoct, that is the story ALL the judges are going to run with, REGARDLESS of the facts! Police, DAs and judges concoct plausible-sounding stories for jurors every day and are excellent demagogues able to duck around all objections and dismiss any facts. Jurors eat up anything judges and DAs puke at them, but will not listen to anything you can say. You have nothing you CAN say because the police have long ago stolen every scrap of evidence you could have used. The only thing you have to answer the cops’ stories with is your screams of innocence. Everybody ‘knows’ that all criminals claim innocence, same as every juror ‘knows’ police, DAs and sworn eyewitlesses can not lie.

It is clear that the courtroom deck is stacked against everyone and anyone the police choose to accuse and target. It is also obvious that nothing about court is fair, once you’ve seen it work on you. So, how do you protect yourself from being a target? Sad to say, you must look completely different from everyone else, and even this is not enough.

You can see how much good my long black hair did for me against a killer five-times described as having short, brown hair;(no glasses). They will just lie up a different description or give no description at all. Police will just teach them to point and say,


Fact is, NOBODY is safe from these robed, badged and silk-suited criminals. Worse, no one CAN be safe from these gangs of official crooks: not until the majority of citizen; WAKE UP and are alerted to the vast range of police, DA, judge, lawyer and legislator crimes-perpetrated against honest citizens.

This book is written as a guide to help point out such corruption engrained into the system over the past 225-plus years. This is the first step in its cure: open minds educating themselves and spreading the word that judge and legislator criminality desperately requires repair and punishment by the honest citizenry. I hope you will make it your duty to make America a fairer, safer place.

  • register politicians; not guns
  • wars don’t kill people politicians do

Before long the insane pro-cop lobby will have us driving cars that detect traffic violations, pull themselves over, lock us in and call the cops and debt a fine from our bank accounts.

A Couple Pencil Drawings


Anonymous Lawyer Wisdom

© 2017 James Bauhaus All rights reserved

 Sometimes we can’t tell if the Lawyers are really saying ridiculous things or if the media yak-artists are simply making things up. In each case, the source is a nameless nobody from nowhere. This first, most ridiculous instance is probably made up by the b=media. I guess this because even an arrogant Lawyer might fear the embarrassment that could happen to him if his anonymity was stripped away to get him caught saying, “Trump could pardon himself because there is nothing in the U.S. constitution that says he can’t!”

This type of outrageous nonsense is what we would expect from a Lawyer calling himself “A constitutional Literalist”, like that smug scoundrel we suffered for so long, Scalia. Or we would expect it from ignorant children who have never read our “Values”, such as: one man, one vote; all men are created equal; fair trial; impartial jury of our peers; due process; equal protection under the Law, and especially; no man is above the Law.

We should particularly see amendment Ten of the Bill of Rights portion of the U.S. constitution, which tells us, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution…are reserved…to the people.” None of us gave any president the power to pardon himself for his crimes. In fact, none of us gave any gov’t employee, from president, prosecutor, judge, cop, dogcatcher to garbage man, any type of immunity to the law. Yet, somehow, every one of these people do have some type of absolute or special immunity to the law. So, how did they get it? The politicians gave it to themselves, without even bothering to ask us. They just sneaked it in while distracting us with their usual gov-media political clown-show.

So! Get ready to not be all that surprised when you wake up some morning and find that the newest dictatorial power that the Politicians, Lawyers and media alliance have given themselves in addition to immunity to the law is the ability to pardon themselves of their crimes as they are uncovered!

The second most arrogant bit of anonymous Lawyer wisdom comes from some enraged judge No-name nobody from nowhere. He and his anonymous crew of legal yak-artists got enraged due to the protest outside their Ivory Tower. People there and on “Social Media” (The peoples’ court) had heard the problem and immediately made the obvious choice, which was to allow an infant’s parents to take their sick baby to America from England for medical treatment. Arrogant, anonymous Judge High and Mighty could not stand huge numbers of ordinary peons having loud opinions, so he had his media bullhorns announce for him, anonymously, “People who don’t know what they are talking about should be silent!”

Sadly, it was the Lawyer – system’s own incompetence that caused millions of people to yank the secrecy from judge Nincom-poop’s antics. This mob of self-absorbed Lawyers took an abysmally simple case and debated it for ten god damned months while the baby got sicker and sicker. Finally, the infant became brain dead while waiting for all the Lawyers to finally shut up and the head Lawyer to crap out a decision.

Obviously, there are many matters that are much too important to allow rhetoric artists to decide. There is just no time to waste on scalawags who are more intent upon expanding the number of hours that they are overpaid than on getting the job done. I recommend that ALL of the Lawyers in both of these instances be unmasked, their riches confiscated and distributed to their thousands of victims, and that they be televised as they are dipped, head first, in vats of warm dog slobber.


Prison Reform and Drug War

OK State Rep. Scott Biggs
2300 N. Lincoln
OK City, OK 73105

James Bauhaus
8607 SE Flowrmond
Lawton, OK 73501

Dear Representative Biggs,

I saw you and your story on Oklahoma News Report last Friday and thought: If some sneaky little closet misanthrope wanted to feed a clandestine grudge against the world by filling it up with cages and cops, one of the better ways to do so may not be apparent to a pack of sleazy former prosecuting Lawyers. An important set of facts that they would easily miss is that, (A) all of the youngsters whom the “Smart on Crime” geniuses tend to spin out of prison faster and faster to recycle as their one Big Idea for solving their “crowding” problem are gleefully getting high on weed, speed, downs, glue and alcohol every day and, (B) your fine corrections expert/professionals” have ceased testing any of them for drugs, which is (C) helping them to easily dance past all of your safeguards while committing various drug crimes, to leave prison on their way to your neighborhood, to your kids’ schools, to your Ivory Tower to plunder, to deprive you millionaire talk-artists of  your wonderful possessions, to cause you to hide ever more fearfully behind ever thicker layers of cops, armor and alarms for protection.

Such a person who would want to feign prison “reform” nonsense while secretly seeking to torpedo it, then giggle insanely up his sleeve about how clever he has been, could become far more clever by investing a few cents out of the enormous cop-budgets to re-institute random, even targeted, drug testing of the young-punk prison inmates, since they simply cannot stay away from the stuff, not even for freedom from your tiny cages.

If you haven’t noticed, you’re frittering away your drug war! Time you to tighten the screws and get busy. So you can feel “SAFE”.


James Bauhaus


: JB

: Net

: Et Al

Bloodthirsty Cops Caught on Camera

© 2017 James Bauhaus                                                                       All rights reserved

New Jersey pigs chased one of DYNA their targets into smashing his car into a pile of mite soared in gasoline, it seems like. Somebody with a camera caught a man on tire, desperately trying to roll out the flames. Then a pack of vicious, sadistic, bloodthirsty cops race up and begin kicking him I his face and ribs as he burns! The first TV station to air this atrocity obligingly protected the attacking cops by blurring out their criminal assaults. Then the faceless, anonymous reporter boldly lied to every viewer, ridiculously claiming that these lovely cops were benevolently kicking the flames out for their victim.

A few minutes later, a more honest mainstream media TV corporation showed the un-blurred-out atrocity. This is where we see the irrefutable tact of the pack of rage crazed cops face kicking and body-kicking their still burning victim. And this reporter reveals that the cops’ victim was in no way connected to the car that these vicious sadistic pigs had chased into a fiery explosion. This poor slob is just an unlucky pedestrian who was too slow or inattentive to escape being splashed with gasoline and fire caused by the cops’ insane pursuit of traffic-fine revenue. Or they thought that there was some dope crumbs in the car, which would allow them to steal it for themselves.

This video was never shown again. The news-squawkers diligently returned to their obsession with the Trump-tweet nonsense and the political slapstick theater that they’re using to keep us from wondering how far Flynn and his merry band of traitor/ opportunists have run from justice.

This atrocity-by-cops occurred somewhere in New Jersey. I expect it will be suppressed by the cops, the media and the various gov’ts involved. This will be like the cop-cam footage showing a reckless, arrogant cop car racing blindly down residential streets at night and running over a little boy on his tiny bicycle. The culprits and their cop coddling helpers will make certain that we hear or see nothing more on this atrocity.

Daily Trump-tweet Bosh and Twaddle 2

6-9-17: A typical example of the current bosh and twaddle is the political theatre televised in the senate “Hearing” of recently fired FBI Director Comey. While the politicians feign trying to seek answers that the newspapers uncovered weeks ago, the actual crooks are ignored as they are purposely given even more months to shred documents and burn all proof of their selling us all out to the Russians. The trail leading to Trump and his minions gets colder and slowly disappears as the media and the politicians keep us distracted with nonsense so that their pals, the real criminals can escape justice forever.

How to end this ‘Business cycle’ part 2

© 2017 James Bauhaus All rights reserved

As if we needed more reason to fire our ruling millionaires and prosecute them for being the criminal parasites that they are, they just stealthily repealed the almost worthless law that was the patch grudgingly placed on the super-rich for paying our politicians to let them pull off the 2008 worldwide financial robbery. After their 1929 worldwide financial robbery that caused “The Great Depression (starvation)”, outcry from the survivors forced our ruling millionaires to outlaw the banks from becoming brokerages, which can, essentially, print their own money. This law was called “Glass-Stegel”, for the two politicians who put their names on it. About 60 years later, slick Willie Clinton and his cronies legislated a law around this law, which swiftly resulted in the second worldwide financial robbery of 2008, sponsors by Sonny Bush/Cheney and their cronies. Years later, public outcry finally forced the politicians to reluctantly scribble out. A legislative patch called “Dodd-Frank”. This new law was almost completely worthless, being crafted by two of the persons who profited from the Big Blowout. One thing it did do, though, which proved to be a slight irritant to the culprit banks, brokerages and insurance corporations is create a board of elites to act as cops for when the super-rich and the corporations pulled their next “Business cycle” of worldwide financial rip-offs. Today, the politicians earned their financial campaign contributions from these robber corporations by sneaking in with a law that steals away with the funding of this corporate policing agency. Another of their sneak-laws takes its power of policing away and gives it to the head crook.

The corporate media mentioned this once, early this morning, while everyone was fighting traffic, trying to get to their low paying jobs. We will not hear about it again until the next time that the corporations and hereditary rich make off with all the money we invested in their gambling houses.

The gap between each worldwide financial rip-off becomes shorter each time. Soon as we workers of the world fill up our bank and investment accounts again at half of our former pay, the Merchants, hereditary rich and the politicians will steal it from us and make us again work twice as hard for half as much. This is exactly what the British were doing to us which caused the revolutionary war. This is exactly what the British were doing to us which caused the revolutionary war. This is exactly what the Elite of France did to cause the French revolution. This is exactly what caused the Bolshevik revolution and the rise of communism all over the world. Every time the public goes to sleep, our politicians get busy raping us. The obvious solution is to always maintain citizen oversight upon all of our extremely dangerous greedy, vicious politicians, merchants and hereditary rich!

How do we do this? We get control of the governing process through our constitutional right of initiative petition. I cover much of this in my essay, “Electronic Voting: The Ferrari of Citizen Empowerment.” By using our right to propose and pass our own legislation, (which the politicians would never do themselves) we can put a bounty on political corruption. There is no better way to root out abuse of power by the ones most able to abuse their political than by rewarding ethical people to say something when they see something.

A bounty on corruption is five for uncovering corruption when it occurs, but what can we do to slow or stop its occurrence? Citizens bring back the Law that punishes persons who abuse their political power at three times the rate that a citizen would be punished for the same crime. Why? Because a gov’t employee is supposed to have more integrity and honesty than the average citizen. He has more opportunity to betray the public’s trust, less chance of getting caught at it, and he hurts many more people. At a time when he does. Naturally, the punishment for public corruption should be substantially higher to offset the ease of its perpetration, the difficulty of getting caught, and the excess temptation of the opportunity to rip off millions of citizens at once.

Another essential method of preventing political corruption before it starts is to establish Citizens Oversight Committees to continually monitor. The most powerful people in gov’t who have the most opportunity to steal from the common good or otherwise injure the American people.

These are three simple. Logical, common sense laws that are essential to stop or slow gov’t criminality. No pack of politicians would ever even propose them as they drain our tax-millions into their secret Swiss Bank accounts. No one will do this but ourselves. The quickest, most effective way to do it is through our right to pass our own laws. While we are at it, we can tax Wall Street for the two worldwide financial robberies it pulled, and apply that to a public fund for use in passing more citizen-benefitting laws that bypass the politicians. It’s easy, once enough people agree to do it!

Daily Trump-tweet Bosh and Twaddle

6-6-2017: Goldman Sachs announced that it finally took over Venezuela, by making it a huge loan on its future oil sales. This corporation has been trying to get its claws on these oil deposits and the nation controlling them ever since Sonny Bush tried to kidnap Hugo Chavez and install a U.S. puppet dictator in his place. The major goal of U.S. republican politicians and their CIA is, and has been, to get control of these oil deposits that are larger than the ones controlled by the Saudis. Installing their first capitalist dictator failed because people came out of the forests to demand that Bush release Chavez or face a never-ending guerrilla war that would prevent the U.S. theft of Venezuelan oil. Now they already have a friendly capitalist dictator who needs U.S. arms to keep him in power. The civil war has been going on for months though most of us don’t know it because the U.S. gov’t steered media obligingly ignores this real news in favour of focussing our attention on the daily Trump-tweet bosh and twaddle.

Bloat the Rich, Starve the Poor? (How to end this ‘Business cycle’)

© 2017 James Bauhaus All rights reserved

If you watch the business news, you will inevitably be treated to stock biz-speak phrases such as “Labor shortage” or “tight labor market”, or a shortage of Nurses, Teachers or even Doctors. They qualify the Doctor shortage by adding that their supposed doctor shortage occurs in rural areas” only. This qualifying phrase gives us a hint as to what may be actually happening, instead of a shortage, or in parallel with it. Business, being primarily focused on profits, abhors paying a fair wage the same way that nature abhors paying a fair wage the same way that nature Abhors a vacuum. People who are nurses, Teachers and Doctors would characterize this situation by another phrase, which is never heard on the news because there is no “Nightly Worker’s News” to tell us of the ongoing wage crisis.

The most recent wage crisis began in 2008, in tandem with the worldwide financial robbery that came to a boil that same year. It really started much earlier, when Slick Willie Clinton and his congressional co-criminals stealthily repealed the law out in place after the previous worldwide financial robbery of 1929. This let the Politicians, Merchants and hereditary rich go hog-wild in making their money make them more money. Money quickly became worth much, much less.  The first ones to realize this were of course, the richest people with the most money. Soon as they realized this, they raced to get rid of their dollars before the rest of the herd noticed that they would soon become worth substantially less. They bought up all the tangible assets, such as homes, businesses, factories, land and mines. Now they are safe. The rest of the herd, ordinary, working class investors, lost their investments as the stock market crashed, bonds defaulted and became worthless, financial institutions went bankrupt and insurance corporations went broke. People who have lost corporations went broke. People who have lost their savings stop spending. Businesses depend upon spending for payroll. When buying slacks off, businesses fire workers. Unemployed workers speed even less. The   Nightly Business Report calls this a “Crisis of Confidence”, as if confidence will feed our families. People who keep up on the learning curve realize that we’ve been robbed the same way that a crook wins a card game merely by being the scorekeeper.

Gov’t is the scorekeeper of our lives, which is the reason why we must always closely supervise its grinning politicians, faceless bureaucrats and armies of Lawmakers and Law forcers. Oklahoma’s Republican political elite provide a prime example. They control this state and have run it into the ground for decades now. The rich and the merchants run amok, giving themselves privileges and opportunities that cost everyone else their right to an education, a good job, A fair wage, and safety from disease, exploitation by cops and Lawyerscrats and freedom from being casually locked away forever in their millions of cages.

Good people like Nurses, Teachers and Doctors flee shitty gov’ts run by Lawyercrats, merchants and the hereditary rich. The people who infest gov’t dig in like ticks and chiggers, making themselves almost impossible to remove, no matter how catastrophic the damage that they cause. We are seeing the national version of this shit with Trump, except now there is no other state to flee to. We are all trapped together in the same political disaster until we decide to fix it, or let it become the new normal.

Worse, we have learned that the corporate media excuses it, helps the deceptions along or crassly profits from it by hiding the facts inside “controversy”.


More Facts, Fewer Semantic Tricks

© 2017 James Bauhaus                                                                       All rights reserved


5-24-17: The media is still obsessed with the Russians having influenced our election. We also seem to have 535 politicians and all of our secret cop agencies trying to convince the public that this nonsense is important. Worse, if the corporate, media can be believed, most of the public is fooled by this foolishness. And, so far, only one of the late-night comedians, Saman*** Bee, has popped this colourful balloon of bullshit by pointing out the obvious: Yes! The Russians meddled with our election! We voted for Hillary and the Electoral College gave us Trump! Clearly the “Russians” screwed us!

It’s like the corporate “news” media are circus clowns, softening our heads with their silliness before we get to the magicians of congress, who are now holding “hearings” in which none of the high-level traitors are obligated to testify, and no one of the supposed law enforcement community has guts enough to bust into the criminals’ lairs and snatch out their file cabinets. It’s like these millionaire sell-outs must be given months and months of time in which to shred and burn, Ollie North style, before the phony “investigations” for the public can begin.

The secret hearings are over. The elected Gluttons of Privilege have already decided on how on how, exactly, they are going to let their traitorous pals get away with selling us, and America, down the river. All that remains is for the elite to slowly drag their feet down the roadmap of plausible deniability to the non and fake-punishment that they devised and completed only weeks ago after they bought, or tamed, Sally Yates. She was the only sticking point in the good old boy network that is getting themselves back to business as usual, which is selling arms and stoking the wars that make arms such a lucrative profession for our Republican weapons-systems merchants. Notice how, as the presidential buffoonery got more and more serious, there was a rush to get those arms sold to Saudi War mongers? The actual number of billions keeps changing with the TV station reporting it, but it seems to be that $110 billion will supply a lot of million$ in secret kickbacks to our five, elected arms dealers. And it turns out that I was wrong when I predicted, about a year ago, that any republican elected would be “The job creators” only in the sense that they would create jobs making bombs, bullets and other mass-murder weapons, as is their usual schtick. This time, they even took away our mass-murder weapons-making jobs, by giving them to the Saudis! Yes! Our clever arms negotiators sold us down the river here, Too! The $6 Billion that the Saudis spent to buy 150 Blackhawk helicopters will stay in Saudi Arabia, where they will be built, probably by Phillipinos, Indians, Malaysians and Indonesians!

We didn’t get a lot of information on this. We should have gotten an itemized list of all the mass-murder weapons we are going to supply these Jihadists who are our Politicians’ pals. The list is secret, however, and we have been busy, drooling in slack-jawed amazement at the antics within our media and political clown-show. We can’t disapprove of that which we are kept from knowing. They did tell us that GE gets $15 billion to do something for the Saudis. The rest of the $110 billion (89 B$) remains a huge secret. Almost 90 billion dollars will buy more small arms than all the people that every side has to arm can carry. This amount of money may even buy more small arms than each side can hoard. It’s certainly enough small arms to keep wars smoldering for decades and still have plenty of money left over for, say, buying politicians.

What else can they be doing with, and for, this astronomical sum of excess money? One big hint came when a prominent newspaper revealed that one of the traitors tried to open a Russian bank account.