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Big Shot shot down! (Goes underground!)

The first member of Trump’s White house mafia shot himself in the guts last month, but only now is forced to escape his  dirty deeds, and prosecution for his crimes, by resigning. We all pretty-much saw him do it. The most obvious scenario is that he called Russia and told them, “Don’t worry about any Obama sanctions for your helping us win the election: we’ll fix it in 20 days, when we get in. also, don’t bother with running off 35 Ambassadors to equal the number that Obama ran off of yours: We’ll fix that too when we get in. we’ll all have a regular love-fest soon as Trump gets in.”

The U.S. media speed talkers are helping General Mad-Dog Flynn get away with his crimes of a crook. His excuse, when caught, was, “I just wanted to congratulate ourselves to them on our win,” or something lame like this. He is a fool: how could a big-shot military muscle head think that the NSA is not listening to his calls to Russia? If he’s not a fool, he thought Obama’s NSA would let him get away with it because he’s an elite gov-sucker like the rest of them. The media news-quackers are also helping to keep Flynn’s corruption from tainting Trump; by trying to sell us the idea that he ‘went rogue’ when it is most certain that he was following orders from the top. It is absurd how the media and its owners, the gov-sucks, clap together to protect each other from their crimes. Treason has been the hall mark of Republican Presidents that I know of, ever since Reagan called Iran, telling them to keep the American hostages until he got elected so that he could fix them up with his Iran contra scam. Flynn knew that he couldn’t be prosecuted by Trump’s AG, Jeff Sessions, but he didn’t count on Obama loyalists in the NSA snitching him off. He gets to walk away and go underground, and Trump gets to keep shaking down a long list of targets such as China, Israel, Boeing, carrier, GM, Ford, Australia, Japan, etc. The list is already too long for me to remember, but trump, being himself a childish, egomaniacal, greedy fool who will soon be universally hated by all, will have his secret Swiss bank account revealed eventually. Or his massive currency trading deals will be revealed. His addiction to money and praise will see him fly into mountain more quickly than any other President despite all the efforts by other fools to protect him and make allowances for him.

With all of these gov’t employed and elected Gluttons of Privilege eating us alive, and the self-called media ‘watchdogs’ actually helping them do it, we of the prey-class need a people’s prosecutor and a public Guantanamo bay to put them in. we can do this, but only when all of us get tired of these grinning, lying, stealing, influence-peddling, law-selling weasels at the same time. They way to do it is by voting to make our own law, through the people’s initiative petition. See my essay on this, titles “Electronic voting: The Ferrari of citizen empowerment” on www.jamesbauhaus.org. Also, if you need incentive, see me essay, “Never-ending Screw job” on the same net site.