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A stupid, arrogant man, who is used to forcing his will upon others wants to control his daughter more thoroughly. He hatches a stupid plan to accomplish this. He decides to “scare her straight” by dumping her off at a homeless shelter before locking her out of his home. (Actually, it is her home too, since she is a minor and he is responsible for her.)

Lisa, (Mr. Stupid’s daughter), is a goldmine for any crafty individuals who live day-to-day, using their wits to get food, drugs, sex and a warm place to defecate. She is immediately snatched up by one of these crafty individuals. They exist together for a short time before Mr. Stupid realizes that his daughter never came crying back, in the rain, trying to get home. Stupid, being an elitist from an over privileged cabal of elites, uses their records and technology to track down his daughter. When he finds out, he goes completely nuts as only a glutton of privilege can go nuts. He hatches another great plan: to give himself much enjoyment in murdering the person who made so much profit out of the bargain that he stupidly left at the homeless shelter.

Stupid knows that he will get away with his planned murder because he is a member of the lowest part of the elite class that is protected from ever being executed or sent to prison. The only question is how to escape the mere hassle of getting caught, which entails a phony show of “justice theatre” which can be very expensive.

Stupid plans a sneak attack after dark. He puts on dark clothes so that he can hide in the shadows. He gets one of his throw-down guns out of his closet that won’t leave shell casings at the scene of the murder. His murder weapon can’t be traced back to him he stole it himself from another criminal home rather than getting one from his shadier friends at work who traffic in untraceable (back to them) murder weapons and throw down guns. He gets in his dark SUV with its illegally too-dark window tinting (Another bargain provided by his job and by his over privileged class of elites). He drives to his target’s mother’s home and lurks there, deep in the shadows, waiting. While waiting, he fantasizes, over and over, how to best enjoy killing his target.

Finally his target shows. Stupid slips quietly, ecstatically, out of his luxury vehicle to intercept his drunken, homeless, worthless target. Face to face, in the dead of night, stupid waits for victim to recognise him in that dirty, ramshackle part of town. Stupid gloats. His drunken victim hast got sense enough to run even after stupid tells him who he is. Stupid laughs sadistically at the amazement on his victim’s face as he pulls his murder weapon and waves it around. Stupid wants to see fear, then terror, to enjoy before he murders his victim. His target is too drunk to be afraid, but he is drunk enough to enrage his murderer with accounts of what he has done with his daughter. Before he gets all the words out, stupid empties his untraceable weapon into his victim’s chest, exactly as he was taught on the job. Stupid races back to his SUV and escapes into the night.

The victim’s mother, and the whole neighborhood, hear the shots and find the victim long before any cops or ambulances can be coaxed into the area. (All the cops are off diligently patrolling Merchantville and only venture into minority town when forced, because of the danger.) It is obvious to anyone with spare brain cells what has happened, because stupid has left a pattern of threatening and molesting his victim, his victim’s mother and his daughter. It only takes the cops four hours to coax stupid into the pigpen so that he and his brother cops can concoct their standard line of shit for their jurors to eat.

At the interview, the cops all decided that the murdering cop should be allowed to ditch his murder weapon in the cops’ wastebasket while they all turn. Their heads, pretending not to see it. Stupid’s story was straight out of a batman comic book: “I went to get my daughter, he pulled a gun and tried to kill me. I took it away from him and killed him with it. I feared for my life, so it was okay. Here’s the gun he was trying to kill me with. you guys, my other brothers in blue, and our illegal cop union back me up, along with our cop coddling media sycophants, then one of our judge buddies rubber stamps it in a phony ‘bench trail’ and I’m back on the job with my pals, taking the garbage to prison again in no time!”

Stupid’s brother-cops are a little more sane than their vicious co-worker. They tell him that their privilege of street executions extends only to strangers that they hate, not to cops who are obviously emotionally deranged about sex, race and kinship. Secretly, they told him, “Murder is a privilege! If we help you get away with this you will be blowing it for the rest of us! Now, you put that gun in the trash over there, go home, and think of a better story for us tomorrow; a story that doesn’t drag us all down with you! We are all pulling for you! Including the judge. But we can’t sell another he pointed a gun and I killed him story to the public that is this ridiculous. You’re supposed to kill your targets while you’re in uniform, with your own weapon. Why couldn’t you follow your training?! You can’t go skulking around in the dark like a common criminal! You’re a cop, for god’s sake! You should have acted like a cop, and then all of us cops and lawcrats could have gotten you away clean, and with a paid vacation to boot! But you had to go nuts, without telling anyone…”

One of the troubles with corrupt organisations is that there are often ignorant, honest or scared people employed there who find murder weapons in the trash cans and blab about it to people who are not in on the fix. Jimmy the janitor thought it was a trap, so he turned it in to sgt. Scalawag after blabbing it all the breakroom for eight hours. By that time, too many people knew, so the original plan of the murder weapon just disappearing after never being seen by anyone had to be abandoned. The uninvolved cops, or the too-lately involved cops, took a picture of the murder weapon carefully arranged in the cops trash basket, but no cops’ stories changed. They all stuck with their criminal stories of “we saw nothing.” The judge helped all that she could by ordering all of her cops to say nothing about the murder weapon that magically appeared in the cops’ waste basket. (The legal theory here is that ignorant jurors are easiest to steer down the Lawyers system conviction chute when key facts are hidden from them. This is the function of judges; to keep pesky facts from polluting jurors’ eager-believing minds.

Usually, killer cops are easily set back loose on to the gullible and unwary public because the lawyers system has special, secret, “grand” juries to rubberstamp them with exoneration. Tulsa’s Lawyers system has gotten caught at this too many times recently. The citizens of Tulsa are a little bit weary and skittish about letting any more rabid cops escape justice for a while. Worse, the whole nation’s criminal elite no longer control what facts escape into the media and how they are slanted to always favour the gov’t’s line. Now the people have their own way to get facts and compare notes. We can turn off the gov-media alliances’ top-down, one-way blaring bullhorns an dthink for ourselves. So the elite are having a tiny bit of trouble get ting Stupid back on their police force. They had to finally put him through a “real” trial, in which even his daughter testified against him, actually putting in his mouth, for all the jurors to hear the words, “I will kill him!: than Satan that the cops and lawyers were able to sneak a knee jerk cop-coddler in with the jurors. This was the only way left for them to safely defeat justice. Stupid escaped conviction, one defying eleven, to remain free as a bird on a bond costing him nothing but his signature. Anyone else would have been forced to rot in jail for over a year, but not a cop. Not even a stupid cop can taste the cage.

Thanks to outrage that this flagrant, obvious corruption and defiance of logic and common sense caused on the public media and nothing else, the judge. Prosecutor team was forced to put on another show “Trial” for the public. Despite overwhelming certainty of pre-mediated murder. They saved stupid from conviction again through use of this same method: sneaking another cop sucker aboard the juror-panel to torpedo justice.

Today is 2-19-17: The state-steered media just reported that the public media is still onto them, and still outraged. Not everyone of the public is stupid enough to be fooled by two show-trials, even after two and a half solid years of faking justice. The judge/da team will have to put on a third fake trial, or they can stall around for another year, pretending to put together a 3rd trial, while really having decided to let their killer cop escape justice with a plea “bargain” that will pffft! Up in smoke during the cop’s appeal when no one is looking. Any other premeditated killer would have had to fry in the electric chair. This guy, stupid as he was, only had to pay a Lawyer $40,000 for the two trials, and never spent a nano second in a cage.

Now, that’s a bargain!