Think You’re Safe from False Imprisonment? THINK AGAIN!

by James Bauhaus

In Arizona v Youngblood 109 s ct 333 (1988) police convicted an innocent man and imprisoned him for life using no evidence at all except the say-so of a ten year old child. How? By (1) Stealing the man’s car and destroying it so it could not be used to prove it did not match the boy’s original description, (2) By destroying the DNA and fingerprint evidence so it could not be used to prove mistaken identity, and (3) By sending a swarm of police and social workers after the boy and teaching him to point at and recognize the man police found easiest and nearest to target.

Like water, police always choose the easiest path. Same with judges, DAs and jurors.

Through long practice, these police and courthouse manipulators of the public can and do every day orchestrate the media, public and jurors to convict on cue, same as the musicians follow the bandleader. The hardened, non-rookies of the courthouse and police depts’ conviction machines are not interested in nailing the guilty person as much as they are striving to convict any plausibily convictable person, regardless of guilt! They get paid the same, either way, guilty or not.

Standard, routine, everyday procedure is for police to contrive evidence that convicts, trash evidence that proves innocence, and to Mainly rely upon manufacturing or training prosecution witnesses to attack their chosen accusee. Police, DAs and judges actually abhor physical, scientific evidence because it can’t be trained to point and scream “That’s Him!”

Police and courtcrats long ago discovered their conviction machines doze over their accusee-victims much more efficiently when they model their courtroom rituals after soap operas.

Evidence just gets in the way, and it’s boring!

Laws that help police manufacture prosecution eyewitness perjury sufficient for them to convict innocent people are those that give them immunity from civil suits. Only Maine outlaws this: every other state makes trial perjury immune to civil lawsuits. This means that when police trick, scold, wheedle, bludgeon, lie or otherwise convince their prosecution witnesses to lie you into prison, you can never sue them: they are completely safe to lie under oath in court during trials because (1) chances are you’ll never discover they lied and (2) even if you find proof of your innocence and proof of their perjury, they are immune to all lawsuits you can bring against them.

Worse, the courtcrats can prosecute them if the don’t lie for police! This is exactly what ‘Officer’ Jes McCullough did in my own case. The witness told him she knew I could not have been the person she saw because my hair was 4 or 5 inches too long and the wrong color. “Officer” McCullough decided to convict me anyway because he and another crooked cop, Larry Johnson, had already tricked an old woman into signing their statement against me. They were not about to throw away a signed statement just because it accused a innocent man. Instead, “Officer” McCullough simply wrote out a police report in which he merely lies, saying “Mrs Baker identified (me) as the killer.” Months and months later at the trial, other police simply pulled out McC’s lying report, accuse Mrs Baker of lying to police and threaten her with jail: Mrs Baker quickly sheds all her ethics and gladly lies me into prison in order to dodge jail herself. (Pretty neat trick, huh!)

Yes, the courthouse crews in 49 states maintain a monopoly on who can bludgeon who with perjury and who is safe to lie on the witness stand. Only Prosecution witnesses are safe from perjury charges and can lie at will for the courthouse crew/police conviction machines. Every tort law in every state has an escape clause for perjurors (except Maine):

Lying in court can not be sued for. Also, courtroom perjurors are immune to all civil rights lawsuits too, as are jurors, lawyers, judges, elected officials, police and govt

employees. When politicians proudly proclaim that “no one is above the law” they are not talking about themselves, prosecution witnesses, lawyers, judges, police, jurors, other politicians or govt employees: these people ARE above the law. They ALL have immunity from civil lawsuits.

Police are also assisted in Maintaining the conviction of innocent persons by crooked rulings of the United States Supreme Court (ussc). Even if you later are able to prove your innocence, the ussc says “Mere innocence is not enough to obtain release from prison.”

(If you’re not guilty, then why the Hell are you in prison?) You must not only prove you are innocent, you must also prove the prosecution violated one of the nine of your Constitutional rights!    (The tenth one, the one that used to “guarantee” your right to “(effective) assistance of counsel” does not count! Your lawyer can be as worthless as an anvil for a flotation device and NO federal court will even look at your brief. Why? Because most lawyers are obviously and completely ineffective. Since they are all worthless and the majority of them actually harmful to your cause, the federal courts simply STOLE this right so they would no longer be constantly deluged by it. Instead of cleaning up their own sewer, they just trashed this part of the Constitution instead, freeing lawyers to become ever more worthless, harmful and ineffective.

People on death row have proved their innocence and still the judicial system fried them. Why? Because the police were excellent at concealing evidence that rights were violated. The judges help them by making crooked rulings that say you must prove the police purposely and maliciously trashed the evidence. Police and DAs are especially trained to only ‘negligently’ ‘lose’ evidence. If they can make the judge think that the evidence just vanished and it was nobody’s fault, YOU LOSE: Worse, the judges are especially glad to see no fault with police when they ‘lose’ tons of evidence daily. Judges even help police destroy evidence by ordering (on the sly) warehouse-fulls of evidence ‘disposed of’ to, ostensibly, make room for more. Judges, police, DAs and even defense lawyers are glad and happy to assist each other in keeping innocent people convicted because hiding their crimes, mistakes and corruptions helps keep the ignorant taxherd respecting them and foolishly thinking them and their institutions infallible. The main business of the police and courtcrats is to facilitate their more efficient harvesting of the taxherd. This is not done by correcting mistakes, but by hiding them.

Judges screw innocent prisoners too by shifting unliftable burdens of proof onto their backs. After police have stolen, concealed and/or destroyed all the innocence-proving evidence, you must find it while in prison, prove police purposely destroyed it or lost it, and prove you couldn’t have found it sooner through use of ‘Due Diligence’ on your part.

Otherwise the judges refuse to even look at it, haughtily proclaiming that you somehow “waived” your right to bring up new evidence.

Finding it is next to impossible. Proving police purposely lost or destroyed it or concealed it is even more impossible. Absolutely impossible is convincing the judge you exercized ‘due diligence’ in finding it when you did. In eve    case the judge will claim you could have found it sooner, and since you didn’t find it before, you can’t use it now because you “waived your right” by not finding it the very second it COULD have been found.

By placing these impossible burdens on the fraudulently convicted, no innocent person ever leaves prison through proof of innocence alone.

Judges also assist crooked police and lying prosecution witnesses in maintaining the innocent in prison by the lawyer’s doctrine of “presuming themselves correct”. Specifically, this doctrine is used by appeals judges. Suppose that years later the police mistakenly turn loose of previously secret police reports that prove: (1) Police concealed an eyewitness. (2) Police concealed three eyewitnesses’ first descriptions of the killer. (3) Police concealed at least two drawings of the killer made by these witnesses, and (4) All three witnesses’ descriptions and drawings of the killer agree he had short brown hair when their chosen target’s hair was much too long and black instead of the brown they all three described. Obviously the two eyewitnesses that the cops did disclose did not tell the whole truth by ‘forgetting’ that the killer had short brown hair. Just as obviously, the eight cops did not tell the whole truth by ‘forgetting’ that the three eyewitnesses all had them and the rest of their police department buddies scouring the city looking for a killer with short, brown hair before they decided to target me and my long, black hair.

By using their “presumed correct” doctrine, 25 appeals judges in 7 courts all dodged justice, kept an obviously innocent man in prison, and protected the real killer from conviction by puking this nonsense: “The trial court judges are presumed to be correct in in stances of identification testimony by witnesses.”

Fact is, the in-court identification of suspects is nothing but the end result of in-tense police training of their witnesses. Police train their eyewitnesses more thoroughly than circus sea lions are trained to blow a melody on a rack of trumpets. Eyewitlesses are first trained to salivate at the sight of police-chosen suspects dragged up to them at the crime scene. Next, police train the eyewitless with pictures and lineups in their homes and at the jail. Next, eyewitlesses are trained to point at the selected accusee just before and during the preliminary hearing. Lastly, police and the DAs train the witnesses to point at the accusee before and during the trial. That’s seven times that the police and DAs train the eyewitnesses how to say they are “absolutely positive; that’s the guy!”

If they can’t get it right in seven training sessions, they must be blind, deaf and stupid. Anyone with at least two brain cells can seethe fact that the first description of the culprit is the most accurate and truthful. Obviously appeals judges dreamed up this “(the last training session at) trial identification is presumed correct” nonsense for one purpose: to help police and DAs continue their corrupt training of eyewitlesses and to prevent innocent persons from escaping prison by finding the unadulterated first, most accurate, most truthful descriptions of the real culprit.

Police, DAs, judges and lawyers all benefit profusely by maintaining this vast flexibility for their own use. Because they can talk any type of nonsense and make it stick, and trick willing, gullible jurors with it, YOU can be enslaved forever for nothing more than the fact that a crime occurred nearby and police targeted you for it.

Once you get eaten by their conviction machine, you’re gone forever. You will always remain a victim of their depredations in one form or another.

Another benefit judges give police is extra credibility: “Police testimony is the yardstick by which a11 other testimony is gauged.” This stipulation is in every law book, and nobody has ever realized (except the victims enslaved by it) that the police’s testimony is often more lies than truth.

The judges all use this police-more-truthful-more-accurate-more-knowing-more-every-thing” yardstick to ignore whatever you say no matter how logical or how well the facts bear you out. Whatever story the police and DAs concoct, that is the story ALL the judges are going to run with, REGARDLESS of the facts! Police, DAs and judges concoct plausible-sounding stories for jurors every day and are excellent demagogues able to duck around all objections and dismiss any facts. Jurors eat up anything judges and DAs puke at them, but will not listen to anything you can say. You have nothing you CAN say because the police have long ago stolen every scrap of evidence you could have used. The only thing you have to answer the cops’ stories with is your screams of innocence. Everybody ‘knows’ that all criminals claim innocence, same as every juror ‘knows’ police, DAs and sworn eyewitlesses can not lie.

It is clear that the courtroom deck is stacked against everyone and anyone the police choose to accuse and target. It is also obvious that nothing about court is fair, once you’ve seen it work on you. So, how do you protect yourself from being a target? Sad to say, you must look completely different from everyone else, and even this is not enough.

You can see how much good my long black hair did for me against a killer five-times described as having short, brown hair;(no glasses). They will just lie up a different description or give no description at all. Police will just teach them to point and say,


Fact is, NOBODY is safe from these robed, badged and silk-suited criminals. Worse, no one CAN be safe from these gangs of official crooks: not until the majority of citizen; WAKE UP and are alerted to the vast range of police, DA, judge, lawyer and legislator crimes-perpetrated against honest citizens.

This book is written as a guide to help point out such corruption engrained into the system over the past 225-plus years. This is the first step in its cure: open minds educating themselves and spreading the word that judge and legislator criminality desperately requires repair and punishment by the honest citizenry. I hope you will make it your duty to make America a fairer, safer place.

  • register politicians; not guns
  • wars don’t kill people politicians do

Before long the insane pro-cop lobby will have us driving cars that detect traffic violations, pull themselves over, lock us in and call the cops and debt a fine from our bank accounts.

Leap of Faith?

This concept is foreign to me. It seems to mean a lack of appreciation for statistics. For example, the math of statistical analysis says that I have a zero chance of flapping my arms and flying away to where the sadists do not make up an appreciable proportion of the local population.

Reality obeys physical rules. We can wish all we want, but wishing has no effect on the outcome. Unless someone notices your desire and chooses to supply some motive force–that’s called karma. Many people who don’t understand reality will attribute random, chance positive outcomes as intervention by mythical beings. To create something out of nothing, which has not the slightest evidence of existence, is probably the maximum leap of faith. It seems to have been built by people who are determined to avoid the indisputable facts.

Facing Fear

I don’t have a lot of fear. A long time ago, I figured out that these people were never going to get off of me because of their fear that I would never stop suing them for false conviction. Soon as I figured this out, I had no fear. I stopped kissing the boot that kicked me, grew some teeth, and started gnawing on the state’s ass ever since. I chase those sonza-bitches under the porch, down the street, and through the woods. There’s no place that they can hide from me, and they can’t get away. I lam-bast their stupid ideas, I shame their greed, I uncover their tricks, and I even get some of them fired. I make them stop harassing us. I make them provide conveniences like chair, trash baskets, and shelves. I make them lower their prices. I made them sell us antiseptic mouthwash. I made them quit screwing us out of aspirin and making us accept that liver toxin, Tylenol, instead. I made them quit price-gouging us so much on salt and envelopes. I made them stop selling us defective pens. You might say that I make them face their fear, which is me.


No, I’m Crazier than You!

So! As soon as I write that Trump will choose to continue Obama’s secret policy of letting Russia run Syria, the guy answers Assad’s chemical attack by shooting about 60 cruise missiles at the runway used to send the planes to drop the bombs of poison gas. Good for Trump, except that he warned his Russian pals before chipping up all that concrete. He told us that he would not telegraph his move, and then he told the Russians to get clear because his missiles were coming. Before the attack, the Syrian cabal was insulting our intelligence with ever-more ridiculous stories of how their enemies got poisoned. Now both sets of liars are taking us all for fools on how much damage was accompanied. We won’t learn any credible damage figures until a whistleblower shows up, or the event extends far enough into the past for the politics to subside. So far, I choose to “believe” the U.S. version of 20 planes destroyed. We are not told what the Syrians are flying, but since Assad is propped up by Russia, we assume that they are MIGs. No one of the media talking heads are asking what incentive the Russians have for letting our missiles destroy Syrian MIGs. It’s not like they are a capitalist society hot to sell more planes to a guy who has no money. Our state-steered media pals are not cheerleading Trump’s attack like they did Sonny Bush in 2003. The pictures that they are hawking for the pentagon do not show any blasted planes, and only two blasted hangers. A less patriotic person than I would assume that all the planes were in the air before the tomahawks got there. As usual, all the democratic politicians are crying about not being let in on the secret beforehand. They also whine that only congress can declare war, as if a war has been declared. They seem to have no memory of all the “Police Actions” we’ve had throughout most of our history.  Most ridiculous of these amnesiacs was Hillary, who said we can’t save Syran babies from poison gas without also bringing Syrian victims over here as refugees. Her blind spot is in failing to realize that filling America full of grateful Muslims is not going to keep their kids from learning history and religious fanaticism. In fact, her plan will bring us the most sleepers, guerrillas and jihadists.

4-8-17: The news-squawkers now revealed that Trump just pulled up an aircraft carrier attack group next to North Korea. Between thinking “Impossible” and “Maybe he turned them around a week ago to come back after their ‘war-games’ show-off-force,” the next set of talking heads amended this fast breaking news. To say, “Trump is sending a battle group to go park near North Korea. Their excuse was that Kim Jong-Un-cola shot off a missile while Trump and China’s Xi were carving up the consumer markets. Good for Trump! And: no wonder Xi ran off in such a hurry! This might turn out to be like when Britain blew open the Chinese empire and kidnapped Hong Kong for a century or so, so they could sell their opium, except, this time, might be a big hole blown in Pyong-yang.

It always leads to interesting times when arrogant, Gluttons of Privilege and Power try to out-crazy each other. JFK used a subtle, reserved type of crazy talk to make Kruschen remove his missiles from Cuba. Big (republican) Daddy Reagan used his Hollywood style crazy talk while the Soviet Union broke apart by itself to escape Russian domination. George (silly-ass) Bush, the front-out man for the Cheney cabal, copied Reagan’s cowboy-gunslinger/Yosemite Sam motif to crazy-talk us into the series of Muslim/ Middle-east disasters that we’ve suffered since Daddy Bush expanded on the Reagan plan of “put your toe in, get it blown off; stick your whole foot in, see what happens…”

Now, after all of these tremendous successes in creating wars to sell munitions and more efficiently harvest our Taxherds, we of the gullible, exploited classes are privileged to see what kind of crazy results occur with a new type of crazy talk. So far, Trump’s brand of buffoonish crazy talk sounds much less rabid now that the media revealed that Trump gave the Russians a solid hour of warning before the cruise missiles hit. If this is actually true, then Trump takes the title of Emperor Penguin Buffon from Sonny Bush, and his military meathead advisors need to come on TV and apologise to every working man for wasting millions of our man-hours making those missiles on a purely theatrical mission. One hour of warning is far longer than the ten minutes it takes for soldiers to run away to safety. An hour is enough time for all the planes and pilots to fly away four times. So! Buffoonish style crazy talk looks more effective and thrilling than it actually is, so far.

4-9-17: The gov/media alliance changed its story to now say that the missile attack was not meant to cripple the airbase, but merely to “send a message” that chemical war crime will not be tolerated. Understandably, hypocrisy is the new media theme, where dying, nerve-gassed children are fronted out on the news, and Trump’s symbolic gesture of chipping up runway concrete is the only vengeance for their murders.

A lesser hypocrisy, which the democratic controlled, anti-Trump media has so far missed is that, when Trump gave his Russian buddies that no-telegraph, one hour warning on his cruise missile move, he could have given us, his loyal subjects, the same information at the same time with no change in the outcome. So: it looks like that we are the patsies of whom Trump speaks when he brags that he will not telegraph his moves to his targets.

4-10-2017: The republicans finally got their way on stacking their Supreme Court with another super conservative, hereditary-rich pro-merchant, ultra-religious, golden throated Lawyer. The democrats under Obama hadn’t had the guts to override the Republican refusal to even consider their candidate months ago by simply installing their own man, which was their right. (The constitution said that it was illegal for the republicans to refuse to vote, and that the vacancy didn’t necessarily require a vote, only that the [resident fill the void. Obama should have filled the void with a sane, rational person, not necessarily a stinking, arrogant, sneaky Lawyer, while he had the power to do so and thus give the whole pack of Lawyers and politicians something to fight over. The advantage of keeping the, squabbling over such an important matter is at least two-fold. It would wake up the public and educate them. It would slow down the massive corruption, exploitation and thievery by the Gluttons of Privilege and Power while they fought for more privilege and power.) But the weak, sissie democrats let their chance slip away without even trying this bold, republican-esque move. Why? Most likely because they, themselves, are Gluttons of Privilege and Power who only have slight feeling for the plight of we who work for a living, and who were not born rich or privileged. The thing about obtaining a taste of riches and privilege is that you immediately want more. Worse, the more you get, the less the intoxication. E.g., your first Lamborghini is a thrill. The second one, less so. A garage full of them is nice to force “friends” to see, but more satisfaction can be had from yelling at your maid. Eventually, even getting an estate full of flunkies to dress down leads to no real satisfaction. Then you begin to get jealous of the satisfaction that the unwashed masses get from simple things, such as finding a big block of real cheese in our welfare sack that somehow didn’t get sent to feed starving kids in Africa but diverted to the warlords causing the problem. Your jealously of their making do with so little makes you take that away from them so that you can have another bomber or aircraft carrier with which to oppress more of the people whom you possibly used to be like, but now subliminally hate. You probably don’t even realize that you have changed, but everyone with an ounce of political acumen can see that you have. You don’t change your party affiliation, but we all can see that you are now a stealth republican who is merely going through the democratic motions.

So; besides this process whereby weak, compromising democrats gradually turn into rabid republicans, how did the republicans get their toady installed in the Supreme Court, to screw the entire country for the rich and privilege for at least 30 more years? They cheated, of course. Our lapdog media helped by puking a layer of sugar on top pf the whole, lawyerific, cheating process to make the public swallow it by calling it the “Nu-clear option” (eek!) It had nothing to do with nuclear anything: it was simple, bald cheating, the same as any bully does when he changes the rules to “Fuck you! I win!” In seeming not to notice, and in doing nothing to object, the public said, in effect, to the Gluttons of Privilege and Power, “I’d be more lethargic if I wasn’t so apathetic.”

The hearings were almost as maddening, watching Gorsuch dodge every question like the slippery politician that he is. Watching this silk purse pretend he was a common man was sickening. Worse is that he probably fooled major fractions of the middleclass voting public by hiding his true nature behind “Gosh!”, homily and anecdote instead of answering real questions.

4-14-17: Last night, on Deta (PBS) a group of altruists put on a documentary called “Are we charging dollars for cents,” or something like that. Their conscience got tweaked when a cop dragged away a Bus Driver, leaving a bunch of little church girls stranded on the highway. An anonymous judge had sent his army of cops DN revenue collecting missions. This is where cops profile Negro drivers with curiosity stops, to see if there is any money that they can collect off of them. Cops profile Negros, preferentially rousting them because, being the cops’ prey class, they are much more likely to hit a jackpot by stopping Negros than anyone else. In the case of the cops kidnapping this Bus Driver, they were able collect a ransom of almost $500 to split with the Judge. This is a penalty that a judge had slammed the guy with, which he and somehow escaped paying for 16 to 25 years, probably by giving up his right to drive. (People somehow begin to believe that, after luckily escaping for a few years, the cops’ files “Forget” about the judges’ kidnap orders.) It took the church group four solid days to scrape up the $500 and additional ransom fees, demonstrating how very poor and exploited that the cops’ prey class is.

This show went on, probably with more anecdotal evidence, before presenting a graph to convince us that the courthouse crew depends for their support almost solely upon what they can harvest from the public. Their claim is that only 5% of their budget comes from tax appropriations. This claim is undoubtedly the ripest of nonsense. If one could audit the lawcrat community, we would certainly find that they get multiple appropriations of out taxcash: the judges get at least one; the prosecutors get their own, separate, appropriation, as if they were not just the other part of the judge/prosecutor team. We will find that the judges have fixed it so that they get “special” appropriations to fund their court reporter crews. Likewise, the prosecutors and judges get more special appropriations to pay their ancillary crews such as bailiffs, deputies, paralegals, aides, assistants, secretaries and even janitors, exactly like all other over bloated gov’t bureaucracies do. A common trick of gov’t bureaucracies is to overlap at least two appropriations, so that they can get paid by taxpayers 2 or 3 times for the same people or program. This type of creative accounting often does not even require active collusion or coordination between the judges, prosecutors, cops or top bureaucrats; it just happens and the gov’t officials in charge of spotting this double dipping conveniently do not. E.g., the top judge charges the taxpayers an appropriation for “courthouse security”. The prosecutors do the same. The sheriff also charges the taxpayers for his deputies’ time protecting the lawcrats at the courthouse. This doesn’t mean that the cops get paid 3 times; it means that they get paid the same, and that the excess money gets secreted off into 3 separate slush funds for exclusive use by the top judge, head prosecutor and chief cop. (For a detailed account of exactly how sneaky a bunch of mere cops can be, scrutinize an expose done by  the Kansas City tar newspaper, circa 1994, in which their cops tried to connive the public into a penny tax increase to build the cops an exclusive, $2 million playpen by pretending that they were broke. They got busted with over $2 million in 3 separate, secret slush funds and 13 separate, lucrative, revenue streams that no one had accounted before.) Double-billing of taxpayers is the most common accounting fraud perpetrated by gov’t employees because it is so easy to get away with, so very lucrative, and, when caught, so easy to escape punishment for, since it is always just one big “miscommunication” between department heads.

Every gov’t bureaucracy pretends it is perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy because every gov’t bureaucracy’s goal is to expand its territory and grow its personnel and power. Every gov’t bureaucracy’s goal is to expand its territory and grow its personnel and power. Every govt bureaucracy races to spend its excess taxcash just prior to the end of the fiscal year so that it can convincingly feign a “shortfall” and beg a larger appropriation for the next year. This is common knowledge to everyone who is the slightest bit alert to gov’t and current events.

The bottom line is that the appropriations that the lawcrats receive is more than enough to run their empires. What they harvest from their working class prey directly through fines, fees, penalties; confiscation, ransoms and service charges is all gray on top of the sumptuous feast that they have already taken from us in taxes. You may have noticed that rich people do not get curiosity-stopped for crime searches while they travel the roads and highways. One would expect cops to crime search Cadillac-, Lincoln- and corvette-drivers as the most likely source of revenue; revenue that is paid out almost immediately, without the extra expense of dragging people to jail and waiting days for victims to scrape up the ransom. This does not occur. Why not? People who drive luxurious and expensive cars do commit crimes, because there is a law against everything. The primary reason that cops tend to avoid exploiting this resource is because rich people tend to be literate, possess the skills to effectively complain about curiosity-stop crime searches to the correct people and agencies, and they tend to vote. They don’t have to try to hide from the cops because they have suffered previous attacks by the cops. Because they have not been successfully targeted by the cops previously, they can stand up, recognize when the cops are committing crimes of profiling and random, curiosity-stop crime searches without probable cause to believe that any crime is being committed, and make the criminal cops cease their criminal activity in the present case. The cops go find and easier, more exploitable target, which is you.

4-15-17: For days now the media and military experts have been bragging about their “Mother of all Bombs” which they just dropped on Solid Rock Mountain in Afghanistan. This time, its 10.5 tons. In Vietnam, it was only 7 tons, and they called it a “cookie cutter” bomb. It was stubby, with exit holes around the base for the gasoline to squirt out when the plunger touched the ground. After the gasoline was atomized, 4% in air, like the cylinder in your car, a strip of magnesium was struck, igniting the hanging cloud of gasoline, which is 216 times more powerful than dynamite. Getting the cloud to homogenize to the correct fuel to air mixture is very difficult. I doubt they ever made this type of bomb very efficient, hence it is almost never used. Their newest version was never explained except in vague terms, never mentioning the name of its explosive, and only saying that it is both a penetrating bomb and an air-burst bomb. Instead of showing us decipherable pictures of the blast, or telling us its supposed power in tons of dynamite or even putting a measure on its blast radius, they just kept repeating their stock phrase. “Mother of all bombs.” The next day, they wanted to sell us on how justified they were in using it. Then they had high-ranking military meatheads tells us how it destroyed an entire complex of deep, mountain caves that had defied invader armies for centuries. Though they seemed to have no real knowledge of physics, they seemed convinced that their super bomb “Collapsed all the tunnels, blew up the weapons depos inside and killed 36 el kitty or Isis terrorists. Apparently we are to believe that they already captured the place, dug it out and found pieces or smears of 36 corpses.

The next day, probably in response to thinking doubters on the net, they changed their story again, saying “36 dead, 3 collapsed tunnels.” I am amazed that they didn’t claim hundreds of kills, since no one can gainsay them. Fact probably is, some in bed reporter asked “Top Gun”, “What should I put down as kills?” Top Gun, not knowing, simply says, “Three dozen sounds good enough.” The reporter replies, “I’ll put down ‘Thirty-sic’, to make it sound like somebody actually counted real corpses.”

As for the troublesome physics, solid rock does not simply “collapse” when you hit it with a hammer. It’s not jello. Compared to the mountain of rock, those tunnels are just cracks, and their little 10 ton bomb is like a firecracker in an anthill. All the munitions that are stored in that mountain didn’t “Blow up” just because a bomb blew up outside. The entrance got blown up, but the people inside are waiting to be dug out, or they will dig themselves out, exactly the same as ants do after rotten children kick in the entrance to their nest.

The last day before the media had worn out their super bomb story, they had more military experts come on TV and admit that their super-bomb was really nothing too special in its total effect upon their wars against the three groups of Guerrillas that they created in their endless efforts to keep Israel from having to fight its Arab enemies. Despite the fact than no one in history has ever managed to civilize or pacify the Arab hordes, the military experts fervently believe that US taxpayers should continue to pour trillions$ into the futile effort to keep Israel planted firmly in the middle of Palestine, no matter what the cost to everyone else. Much cheaper and better is to buy them a homeland in some other desert.

Tough Talk before the Wars

Today Trump twittered ominously on a few subjects. He was joined in his Tough Talk by UN ambassador Haley. Syria’s Assad got together more poison gas and mass-murdered a bunch of his citizens. Haley said “If the UN doesn’t do anything about this, we in the US might.” Apparently she has been secretly told to put together another coalition for us to hide in while our Politicians’ military thugs go joy bombing all around Assad’s country except where Assad is. (Rulers, whether democratic or despotic, all obey their secret rule not to target each other directly. This is why armies of ignorant children are instead thrown at each other.)

I’m pretty sure that the politicians of Britain, Australia, Germany, France, Turkey, et al, are all a little bit too smart now to let America’s Republican nitwits drag them into any more wars, considering the last 25 years of disasters and catastrophes that looked good at first, (Kuwait) but quickly turned into environmental and guerrilla (“terrorist”) shit storms. The millions of refugees from Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, and who knows where else flooding into Europe, have caused many rulers to realize that joy bombing Israel’s traditional enemies has consequences that will last at least as long as it takes for the refugees children to grow up, learn religion, politics and history, then continue the jihads.

Trump added to Haley, saying “Assad crossed many lines”, “He’s intolerable” and “Russia needs to step up,” etc. He seems to want to start a war on Assad but wants the Russian’s help. He goes on to bark at North Korea too, for shooting off a missile just before he talks to the Chinese leader. He said that North Korea is “out of options”. And he barked at Iran today, which signals that the Israeli rulers are probably getting tired of waiting for him to attack Iran for them, as he probably secretly promised them for their election support. (Overtly, this was his election promise to “renegotiate the Iran nuclear treaty.”) Israeli politicians have been desperately trying to sucker our US politicians into bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities for over a decade that we know of. My own thoughts on the Israelis is that they would perhaps do well to perform some humanitarian activities. The world appears to see them lacking the milk of human kindness as they sit in their bunkers, incessantly complaining.

As a signal that the Trump cabal is getting ready to do something drastic, they tossed out the odd man of their security council. Steve Bannon is gone. He

S like having a Rush Limbaugh give you advice. So many of Trump’s pals are getting caught lying about their secret dealings with the Russians that trump has to do something to throw the media dogs off of his trail. There is no better way to do this than to start a bunch of wars!

Trump has a long string of potential candidates for pre-emptive attacks: they are, in order of probability, Syria, Iran and North Korea, though, like Reagan, he is more likely to pick somebody much less dangerous. Reagan chose the tiny island nation of Grenada and he rampaged around in defenceless nations in South and Central America, pretending to save people from “communism”. (Working people are “saved” from capitalism: merchants are “saved” from communism.) While Trump is asking permission of Russia and China to attack Syria and North Korea, he is also looking for an excuse to attack Iran. All of these potential attacks will be mostly symbolic, like the way a mother slaps her baby’s hand. Trump is unlikely to get permission from Russia or China. Trump really does not want to annoy Iran. He really does not want to start another guerrilla war against America. So, most likely, he will pull out the standard, all purpose “Drugs!” excuse and escape media yapping about his Russian connection by picking a fight with heroin (Afghanistan) or cocaine (Columbia, Peru, Equador, Panama, even Cuba) or Marijuana (Mexico).

The wars or pre-emptive (sneak) attacks will occur. This is what republic-conservatives do; they start wars and profit from the sale of munitions and the tax-herd harvest required to buy them. This is why the first thing that republican regimes do upon obtaining the levers of power is to bloat up the military. They know that their intention is to drive the tank of state over the cliff of delicious, profitable war. They simply can’t help themselves!

Cheap Labor Right Here

Now that Trump is going to wall of the Southern Border, deport all the illegal immigrants, end catch and release, re-negotiate all of our trade deals, tax imports and force American corporations to bring jobs back home as a requirement to selling their products at home, where are our merchants going to get the cheap labor that they must have to make fat profits? The obvious answer that the politicians, police, prosecutors, judges, Lawyers and media are desperately hoping that no one of the thinking public snaps to is our 2,400,000 prison slaves.

Yes! The U.S. of America is by far, the biggest slaveholder in the world, yet completely wastes this vast resource by, typically, making five guys sweep, mop and buff the same ten meters of prison hallway every day! And this is not even the most obscene part! You know what these five American slaves get paid to endlessly clean and polish this 33 feet of hallway? Eight dollars a month! Do you know how many third-world peasants can survive on $8/month? None! That’s less than 40 cents per day!

So! Why aren’t we starving out our foreign workers by using our own slaves? Uncle Sam’s slaves are the most highly educated slaves in the world! They already know English. They easily, routinely, out-produce the peasants of Asia, Africa, Indonesia, Mexico and even India. No other nation on earth can compete with American slaves in cost-effectiveness. Any sane, rational merchants worth their profit margins would love to employ American slaves, but the politicians, lawyers=crats and cops do not allow this except for county cops getting weeds chopped and trash collected. The cop and lawyer communities are terrified of letting their legal victims work for nothing at real jobs, fearing that this will let their chickens come home to roost. Specifically, DNA proved that a minimum of 16% of all courtroom convictions are of innocent persons who were lied into prison by false  witness or by manufactured, omitted or planted evidence. Despite this exceptionally high rate of routine, long-term cop and lawcrat use of fraud to obtain and maintain convictions, it is practically unknown for any of their victims to even try to obtain vengeance, even after the theft of decades of their lives by corrupt cops, prosecutors, lawyers, judges and media hacks. (Statistics prove that it takes an average of over 13 years to force the lawyers’ system to rescind its most flagrant fraudulently-obtained convictions fewer than one percent of false convictions ever get cancelled.) Even though the chance of any cop or lawcrat ever getting caught at their frauds is minuscule, and the chance of them ever getting punished for them, either through legal means or vengeance, is microscopically small, cop/lawcrat terror of this is extreme.

Somebody needs to find them some courage, because we have the technology to safely use our vast, precious slave resource, giving it to our merchants so that they can profitably compete against foreign, third-world labor. We have the Police State that continually tracks everyone through DNA, fingerprints, face-raping software, the numbers of social security, drivers’ licences, tags, credit cards, safety stickers; etc., data mining the records of deeds, titles, mortgages, rents, purchases, pay checks, sales receipts and tax payments; etc., business and cop-camera surveillance, phone snooping, internet capture of files, gov’t-paid snitch networks of cab companies and truckers, and phone-armies of eager neighborhood busybodies and approval/validation-seeking fanatics. This is just a small part of the semi-above-the-table networks that we know about. We also suffer the ‘cops’ secret, illegal underground snoopage networks where millions of computers sift through everything that we write, type and say. In addition to whatever other secret, illegal methods and technologies that the politicians, lawcrats, merchants, media and hereditary-rich have given their cops for use in controlling and profiting from their working class prey, there are electronic shock collars for their slaves, electronic shackles, shock belts, electronic fences, drone surveillance and internet crowd sourcing surveillance. This means that, instead of watching soap operas, cartoons, old movies, Jerry Springer and Re-runs of “Cops”, anyone of the public can participate in some real-life entertainment by watching these slaves as they work and shock the dog shit out of them if they try to steal something or run away.

So! Imagine how cheaply you all could buy smartphones and other hi-tech gadgets when our merchants can have them made here by our own slaves for virtually nothing! The only thing preventing this is our scared, cowardly politicians, lawcrats and cop. Write your law-creators; tell them to grow some courage. Tell them to service their international conglomerate masters by passing the law that lets them use the cheap labor right here!

The “Doctor”

They tricked me into going to medical. I avoid this place because it’s an easy way to get sick, being locked in a 12’ X 12’ concrete coffin with up to 30 other captives, coughing, sneezing and slinging snot onto every surface. Respiratory diseases are always rampant in these cave-like pest-holes. The young punks act like Day-care toddlers; snot dribbling down their chins after every juicy sneeze. Their moms never taught them to cover their mouths, and their Step Daddies never slapped them for machine-gun sneezing right over the table. Also, the prison Kops have some kind of horror of any captive possessing a rag to sneeze into or wipe our hands on: the Kop sees you with a rag they steal it from you, right then and there, even if they have to call their maggot-squad to take it away from you. Nobody knows why it is the most important thing in the world for them to get that rag away from you. They wouldn’t explain even if they knew why. Some synonymous nobody wrote it in a policy book long ago, and all of them just do it, by reflex, the same way a horse goes nutz with any quick wave of your arm. Only about half of these scary-bad criminals have sense enough to merely turn their heads when they go into a fit of coughing or sneezing. It’s like they have this culture of deliberate disrespect, thinking secretly “I got sick of you guys, so now you’re going to get sick of me!” When they first threw me into this GEO-corp slow-death camp, I almost died. They had a particularly vicious strain of pneumonia passing back and forth between the inmates. Medical assisted its spread by refusing to Rx cough syrup, so its germs were always on snot gobbets floating in the air and every knob, handrail, push plate, table and chair.

NBNN (No Bullshit news network)

I just got to read some of my 3-2-17 Nature magazine. In a few, narrow column inches (P.10) They state more facts than a month of corporate media hooting and gasping on TV, On 2-24-17 Malaysian police named VX as the nerve gas swabbed out of the eyes and off of the face of the victim, Kim Jong-nam. Only 6 days later, nature reminds us of it being a “Binary” weapon that was made to be mixed into a deadly nerve agent at the site of the crime (s) against humanity. Though nature stopped short of providing a condensed, sordid history of what, exactly, developed this mass murder monster (U.S. Politicians); it did add more pertinent information never dribbled out by the U.S. corporate media. Nature confirmed that plural substances were put on the victim’s face, and that VX kills by inhibiting an enzyme that allows muscles to relax. So now we know that allows muscles to relax. So now we know that the 2nd woman got sick because; in wiping her chemical onto her victim’s face in the pretense of wiping off what the first woman had squirted on him, she got some of the first chemical on her skin. The corporate media seemed determined to be vague, omissive and misleading on almost every aspect of this attack, probably in its usual effort to create mystery, suspense and controversy for its panels of fellow reporters, consultants and experts to milk. Hopefully, by exposing their reportage formula, the public may be educated to it enough to protest being continually played for fools and demand news instead of what editors and talking heads count as “entertainment”.

Or, intelligent people can turn off this squawk box after gleaning what “ Facts” it may reveal, then go to our own news sites on the net to compare notes to sift the real news from the fake, formulaic, corporate “info-tainment” nonsense and time waste. Use of either strategy will result in a better quality product, but simultaneous use of both will yield the fastest results.

Take the foolishness out of corporate news. Don’t let them think that they are fooling you. Don’t let them fool others. Civilization and progress demand that we do not tolerate bullshit artists.

True Story of Torture and Murder

2011: Owasso cops kidnap a guy and deliver him to other cops at the Tulsa, OK county jail. The Owasso cops did, for fun, what all cps do; try to cut off their victim’s hands by clamping their thin, steel shackles onto his wrists, behind his back, so tightly that they cut through his skin. (Fun fact: because cops never wash their shackles, human blood can be detected on every pair, exactly like cops claim that microscopic amounts of cocaine can be detected on all dollar bills.) Cops think that this is hilarious, and it “solves” crime! The poor sap whom they are torturing this way is immediately brain-scrambled. He can think of nothing but the excruciating pain instead of what the cops are doing. They could be frying up and eating a bucket of welfare babies in the front seat and he would never notice. Cops like to joyride around, taking in the scenery while their victim begs them to put their shackles on him properly, like any normal, non-sadist/non-psychopath would do. He can feel the constant pain biting into his wrists in tune with his heartbeat. He can feel his fingers growing cold, stiff, numb and useless. He can’t twist around to see his hands turning black and blue from the loss of blood, but he knows that these cops are giving him permanent nerve damage and laughing about it. The cops just keep driving in circles, laughing, ignoring him, and waiting for their victim to snap that the only thing that will save him from living the rest of his life with hooks for hands is “confessions”. Or sometimes cops need people to tell stories on other people that the cops want more.

This victim, however, didn’t start pouring out “confessions”. He didn’t beg the pigs for who they wanted him to tell stories on. He didn’t even try to sell the cops his enemies or rivals, who are the first bits of street “intel” that the cops buy with small favors. Instead, he called these cops the sadistic scum that they were, though not as coherently or accurately, or as politely as I have done here. Also, he was more detailed and specific, since he knew exactly how these cops were torturing him, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Eventually, these two cops gave up and finally did their job of merely dropping off a hogtied cuss-bag to their fellow cops at Tulsa’s jail. Because these cops had failed in their mission, getting cussed instead of valuable “intel”, they were no longer laughing. In truth, cops torture people like this day in and day out. This torture routine is so old and tired that it’s not really all that much fun anymore unless you’re torturing a new guy who has never been tortured by cops before, and isn’t expecting it. Or unless you’re teaching a new cop how to torture confessions, snitchery or Intel out of somebody. The best that these Owasso cops could do was to get a few cheap hyuck-hyucks out of each other during their first few minutes of torturing this guy, but they were both seasoned sadists who had seen everything so often that it now bored them. After the first ten minutes of being steadily cussed by their victim, their laughter was so fake and phony that the guy probably had to have noticed. After 30 minutes of cussing versus phony laughter, these cops simply wished that they could just drag him out to some secluded place and take turns beating him to death with their sap-gloved fists, like in the old days. They, or at least one of them, decided, while the other cop winked in agreement, to get “even” for all the cussing when they got their victim in that secluded place inside the Tulsa pigpen, where no one could see who wasn’t a cop, and where no one would tattle.

They made their victim walk, still hogtied, all the way inside to where the scummiest sheriff’s deputies were waiting. Their victim thought that these new cops were less sadistic and less psychopathic than the ones who had spent so many hours torturing him during the 3o minutes it should have taken them to drive from Owasso t Tulsa. He was wrong. He was worse than just wrong. His pain had made him deluded. He thought that these new pigs were angels who were going to make his pigs take off their torture devices. He said, with relief, “Thank god! These turds have had these too tight for hours! Are my hands still alive back there?” The county cop took a fistful of the chain in one hand and, in his other fist, he took his victim’s right hand and wrenched both backward with all of his strength, trying to rip permanent damage into the victims’ wrist, elbow and shoulder joints. He succeeded.

Simultaneously, the fattest, most pork bellied of the Owasso cops wrapped both his blubberous arms around his victim’s head, twisted as hard and as far as he could, then jumped to slam his victim to the concrete floor as hard as he could. As he pulled this cowardly sucker-punch type manoeuvre on his helpless, hogtied victim, he snarled, “You sassin’ me, boy?” Yes: for “sassing” the pigs for deliberately torturing him for just the pleasure of indulging their overwhelming hatred, this pig left his victim a parting gift: a broken neck. Their victim lay there, paralysed; unable to move. He told all seven of the pigs who had either done this or gawked and snickered, that he was paralysed. In response to his begging for medical help, these pigs kicked him, told him he was faking, and demanded he get up. The Owasso pigs quickly tore their shackles off of him and made their escape. The fastest cop had heard his victim’s neck bone snap. He had very likely murdered other hogtied victims this way and should be tracked down and sent to prison for it. This man is probably a sadist and a psychopath, as cop work creates and attracts such people.

Proof of this is in what occurred next: for several days, all of these cops, jailers and medics dragged their paralysed victim around on a blanket into various cages, with or without inmate witnesses or helpers. Three times per day, for 4 or 6 days, these scummy cops could not get their victim to jump up, run to their bean hole and pick up his tray of jail slop. They said, “He will come get it when he gets hungry enough!” When these sorry sadists finally began to worry that some one of them might get blamed for this guy dying of thirst, they asked their inmate snitches, “Is he getting up to drink?” They got bad answers that they didn’t want to trust. (Jail inmates will eat all of your food, if they can trick the cop into giving them your tray, but other inmates will get you a drink of water. They will also lie to the cops or agree with the cops’ suppositions: “Uh, yeah, I think I did see him get up for a minute, now that you mention it!”) So the cops and jailors confab with each other on how this quadriplegic prisoner is such a good faker. The cops tell the jailers, “He did get up to eat, didn’t he!” Some of the jailer, relying on the ‘intel’ that they got from the inmates, and wanting to please the cops, say, “Yeah, I think he did get up for a minute, now that you mention it!” Other jailors and cops remain doubtful, because the guy is such a good faker that, every time they send someone to check on him within smelling distance, they comment on how he reeks of piss. The inmates have constantly complained of the guy’s stench. Every one of the prisoners have spent a large number of minutes banging on the walls and shouting themselves hoarse trying to make the god-damned cops and jailers come take this guy to a hospital, but these incidents are either not recorded in the daily log, or they were torn out an destroyed after their victim finally died. (Tulsa cops have a long history of destroying records and evidence.) Also, they are all in a window-less metal box with their own miseries. People can only hammer the wall with their fists or slap it with their cardboard shoes for so long with no results before giving up. In the old days when we had boots and metal trays, we could donkey-kick the shit out of the walls for hours and hours over several days before giving up due to being ignored. Since then, the cops have made this life-saving activity to hammer with and by making their control-lair soundproof. (Also, when they did it to us in this Tulsa Jail, they retaliated by blasting us for hours with ear-splitting blasts of crumby music.)

Imbecility, the cops and jailers add up this mountain of evidence and still chose to think he was faking. But they can’t allow any inmate witnesses. So, they drag him into a “hole” cage. This is a special type of cage where they focus a camera on their victim. They still can’t make him get up to get his tray out of their bean hole, and there is no one else in the hole cage with him to give him water. These sly, sadistic cops and jailers took away their victim’s inmate nurses for another reason: they are going to force this quadriplegic to prove he is a faker. The cops cunningly put food and water just out of reach of the dying man that they have left on the cold floor. Their copcam runs for over two days. Finally, the cop in charge of putting his victim’s food and water just out of reach notices that their fated, despised faker is dead. They send a psychiatrist to confirm this event.

Now these stinking neglectful, incompetent scummy cops and jailers shift into high gear. They fast forward through those 50-plus hours of copcam video eager to find that “ah-ha!” moment when the guy finally got up. It isn’t there! They all cuss their victim and the fat, shit bird Owasso cop who caused this hassle. Now they’ve got to search out all the evidence of their crimes in the various records and destroy it. There is a (very slim) chance that some sleazy lawyer will show up and figure a way to get evidence of their crimes here. The cops know that this can’t be let to happen, and that they cannot let that discretion be left to any judge. All the judges are their friends, and would do almost anything to prevent these cops and jailers from facing justice, but judges have careers to protect that are a little bit more important than any cop’s career. This goes double if they plan to become politicians. All the evidence that they know exists and can destroy, they do destroy, especially when it points to any specific cop, like the ones who did it. They all know that there is no chance of any cop going to jail, but they still have to repair the myth that authority is made up of all heroes. It is a public relations operation now, damage control. They must put the alarmed citizens back to sleep with the usual legal lullaby and media manipulation of the facts, first, the media spreads the cops’ version of why this guy died, then they suppress the story, trying to never report on it again so that the public will forget all about it.

The next step as, or is, to browbeat the surviving kin out of suing and tricking them into shutting up about the murder. In this case, the kin were not too stupid, easily manipulated or susceptible to lies or trickery, or too scared to demand justice. The sheriff and county commissioners sent prosecutors to sell the Kin a gag-order. It seems that the kin valued ethics and the safety of future prisoners over the millions of dollars of taxpayer cash that anonymous county officials offered as hush money. Instead, the kind hired a lawyer who let the cops have 5 solid years to screw-off any chance that a civil jury would assess a penalty upon the county taxpayers for their cops’, jailers’ and medics’ crimes. (Cops are immune to the law, so taxpayers pay.)

So, the cops had to do their 3rd step, which is to manufacture false evidence to avoid the impending, temporary, short-lived PR disaster. This was the easiest part. They just picked one of their inmates to memorize a script and parrot it into a ‘statement’ for the court case. He then takes his favor (usually cigarettes or a few days off his sentence) and disappears. (Many of these paid, inmate liars inexplicably die prior to the actual trial.) No lawyer can find any of the prisoners who gave the victim water or tried to make the pigs get him to a hospital. These were the very first records that the pigs “lost”. Also, the lawyers of such cases expect this to happen and do not even try to find them. This is just too much work for a $750/hour lawyer. He gets paid anyway, win or lose, so he couldn’t care less. He doesn’t rely on evidence, proof or facts, he relies mostly on his golden throat mesmerizing the jurors, and whatever the cops missed or forgot to destroy, or the ridiculousness of the “alternative set of facts” that the cops manufactured to cover their asses.

Because cops, public defenders and the prosecutor/judge team are used to selling ridiculous bullshit scenarios to criminal-trial jurors, (who are mostly groupie-type jurors, ready to gobble and swallow whatever these legal rock stars pull out of their pants just for the pleasure of being petted by them) they tend to thank that they can sell this same type of offal to civil offal to civil-law jurors. In this case, it was some gold-star drivel. Their one strategy is to blame their victim for his own death, they got their inmate liar to say, “I saw the guy put his down and run full tilt into a brick wall!” the cops touch-up this crap, making it seem less idiotic by salting in a dash o character assassination, which they grind into their media lapdog bullhorns. These Satan’s little helpers saturate the broadcast waves with stories from nowhere a few days before trial: “Anonymous sources close to the investigation say that the guy was a “mental nut” who was “suicidal”!” the guy’s family and friends go nuts when the cops reach this part of their trial preparation to-do list, but, instead of calling the media and refuting these lies, and trying to find out which cops told them, they call their lawyer. Their lawyer always tells them to sit quietly and allow all the character assassination to bias the public and their juror-pool uncontested, as if it were true. Why does he sabotage “his” own case this way? Because his career as a lawyer depends on the judges not revoking his license to play at law. Of course, no lawyer tells this fact to any of his clients. If any of his clients ever realize that the lawyers’ will always sacrifice a client’s case to protect their legal license, it is usually only after their case was sacrificed. In my 45 years of legal research, I have never found any civil-law client who had made this realization, except myself, of course. Lawyers are full of reasonable-sounding lies with which to steer their too-trusting and too-self-doubting customers down their legal rat mazes. News reporters never send their flunkies to the victims’ families to confirm or deny these anonymous, unsubstantiated, secret cop-lies of mental nut-ism or prior suicide attempts. Why not? Several reasons: it’s a waste of time, because the lawyers have already programmed the kin not to speak to the media; it is a fool’s mission to annoy the cops by trying to get this information that will get you excluded from all of the cops-reward-the-media dinners, lake outings, holiday parties, seminars, training junkets, ride-alongs and other freebies, privileges and perks; it takes away time that could be spent at paid gigs reporting upon the airy ravings of speechifying politicians promising the moon in return for re-election. Time=money, and there are only costs associated with hated criminals.

2-24-2017: after a 5-year hiatus, the Tulsa world newspaper reports that the trial is occurring now. They name the lawyers, but no cops: cops get to hide in the shadows, their identities secret so that no one of the defenceless public can be justifiably wary of the killer cop or his crew of brother—scoundrels, co-criminals.

I don’t have to see the trial to know its outcome. It’s just history repeating itself. The cops will get away again. Nothing will get fixed. The cops will keep killing people. The taxpayers will be punished despite having no quality control over ay aspects of the cops.

The only way to effect change to get better, more humane policing and less corrupt lawyering is to open their work records, take away their immunity and make them all subject to real punishment when they maim, torture and kill people. Also, they must be rotated out of these corrupting jobs, never to return, before the excess of absolute power corrupts them completely.

Police State Blues: Tragically Amusing

When the state elects buffoons into its offices, there is plenty of opportunity for mirth. It is astonishing to me that anyone was foolish enough to vote for such an obvious buffoon as trump. The fact that it was a close race, decided by only a few million motivated voters, seems to indicate that America is full of people who are themselves buffoons, or who are easily fooled. The people who are actually in on this newest Republican rape of America cannot be an appreciable percentage of the total population. Samantha Bee put it hilariously and more informatively than any news program on her show, “Full Frontal” last night. The elite, hereditary rich and gluttons of privilege are running more amok than ever before. Even the previous record holder, Sonny Bush who managed to Shepard two massive rip-offs of the commonwealth during his rampage; is envious of Trump’s successes in the past 60 days. Even before the gate opened, Trump and his cabal of shady, secret millionaires got caught filing their numbered Swiss accounts with Russian Rubles. Another scary sign occurred when the whole gaggle of politicians voted in public to break the law so that they could get their pal, “Mad Dog Mattis” in charge of their military. The law is there for a reason, and now we know what that reason is to keep outsiders out and to waive insiders in. I will think of this mad dog every time one of these sleazy elites gets on TV and angrily shouts someone else down with their pat phrase, “We are a nation of laws!” the facts have never been more plain than now that we are actually a nation of Gluttons of Privilege and Powerbrokers (GOPP). Coal corporations can again fill the rivers with their pollution. The already toothless Dodd-Frank law that was supposed to protect us from the coming third worldwide financial rip-off was revoked. Investment planners can again fill their pockets from yours while pretending to give you sage financial advice now that they got the fiduciary rule rescinded. Any idiot can again get assault weapons or carry concealed guns. They again took away nutrition standards for school kids. They just took away funding for food for hungry school children and meals on wheels for elderly cripples. It’s like they’re dragging us backward into the 1890s, so get ready for things to get a lot worse before they get any better. Instead of school, children will soon be working in mines and factories as the wealthy help us compete with dirt-world labor by bringing back manufacturing jobs that pay nothing and create thousands of love canals. Also, look for an explosion of previously conquered diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, lockjaw and diphtheria, since, in return for their votes, Trump and his ‘Best and Brightest’ are going to let the idiots kill their children by withholding vaccinations.

All the money that they save from gutting the EPA, NIH, HHS, education and every other safety, regulation and social improvement program is going straight to bloat-up the department of Bombs, Bullets and Mass Murder. Just yesterday I saw one of their propagandists making his rounds on TV, telling us how sick and puny his air force is. They must be drawing up some hellacious bombing plans, because he was pleading for more pilots. He kept a serious face, too, as if he really believed that no one in his audience knows that our military is bigger than all of the next twelve largest militaries combined. Trump’s cabal gives us a hint of the next secret war that they are planning in their propaganda blasts about North Korean missiles and by now accusing China of helping them improve their missile technology. If I was an insane 800 pound gorilla plagued with terror fantasies, I wouldn’t be too stupid to chum-up with my target’s neighbor before attacking. Since I’m a little bit smarter than a terror phobic ape, my own fear is that the war long arms-fetishists within Trumps cabal are designing new ‘gulf-of-tonkin’ type incidents and that I won’t be among the first to decry them as they are sprung. Probably, the first sign of impending doom will be GOPP representatives appearing on all channels Sunday morning talking with their lap dog media meat heads to the public about how rational and sensible is the concept of “Limited Nuclear War”. This is the exact, same terminology that Big Daddy Raygun used to “scare down that wall!” Republicans actually do believe that Reagan’s star-wars huffing and puffing really did blow down the mighty Soviet Union. Because of this, they have war planners a plenty in the pentagon pumping out similar ‘strategies’ to take care of their North Korea (China) problem.

What is almost as tragically amusing as what genocides the Trump cabal is planning is that the states are mimicking the Federal gov’t in miniature, particularly Oklahoma. Republicans hold us all hostage here as the state GOPP cut their own taxes to nil, sop up all the loose taxcash, starve the schools, the poor, the cripples, the elderly and the wage slaves. They raid the pension funds and sell all the bonds that they can for others to repay or default on. When the inevitable boulder of debt and poverty finally smashes through their citizens’ apathy, the ruling GOPP continues to ride the wave of catastrophe for years somehow, using the same ideas that caused the wreck as the cure!

Most notably, the GOPP has 61,000 people stuffed inside their prisons and jails and laboring on parole. This is, per capita, two point twenty-three times the average of other states’ prisoners and ‘sanctionees’. They feed us offal. Livestock get better medical care and live in healthier, less crowded conditions. They spend half a billion dollars of their $7 billion per year keeping their slaves in cages. They never stop crying about the cost, though it’s the lowest of all the states. They never stop begging for more money to build more prisons, though they give most of it to the corporate cage industry, which makes enough profit on it to buy a majority of the politicians. They’re so eager for more kickbacks of tax cash that they closed 17 work centers where they rob inmates who are about to discharge their sentences. They even cut the throats of ten county jail sheriffs who thought that they had permanent contracts for slave labor. Some of these greedy counties bought massive new jails on credit, trying to max out their return on the slave industry. Last week, (3-17-2017) The Oklahoma News Report revealed that one of the poorest, least-populated counties had put itself on the hook for $21,000/month for 30 years trying to cash in with a new jail for 60 slaves in a contract worth $775,000/year ($35/head/day). They thought they were going to make $13 million in profits over the life of the loan, and now they have an empty jail ten times bigger than they need and no way to pay for it.

So here’s the bedrock of the police state. The cages are already built. Now the cops just need to buy the laws that let them rope in the victims to fill them. This is the police state blues.