Anonymous Lawyer Wisdom

© 2017 James Bauhaus All rights reserved

 Sometimes we can’t tell if the Lawyers are really saying ridiculous things or if the media yak-artists are simply making things up. In each case, the source is a nameless nobody from nowhere. This first, most ridiculous instance is probably made up by the b=media. I guess this because even an arrogant Lawyer might fear the embarrassment that could happen to him if his anonymity was stripped away to get him caught saying, “Trump could pardon himself because there is nothing in the U.S. constitution that says he can’t!”

This type of outrageous nonsense is what we would expect from a Lawyer calling himself “A constitutional Literalist”, like that smug scoundrel we suffered for so long, Scalia. Or we would expect it from ignorant children who have never read our “Values”, such as: one man, one vote; all men are created equal; fair trial; impartial jury of our peers; due process; equal protection under the Law, and especially; no man is above the Law.

We should particularly see amendment Ten of the Bill of Rights portion of the U.S. constitution, which tells us, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution…are reserved…to the people.” None of us gave any president the power to pardon himself for his crimes. In fact, none of us gave any gov’t employee, from president, prosecutor, judge, cop, dogcatcher to garbage man, any type of immunity to the law. Yet, somehow, every one of these people do have some type of absolute or special immunity to the law. So, how did they get it? The politicians gave it to themselves, without even bothering to ask us. They just sneaked it in while distracting us with their usual gov-media political clown-show.

So! Get ready to not be all that surprised when you wake up some morning and find that the newest dictatorial power that the Politicians, Lawyers and media alliance have given themselves in addition to immunity to the law is the ability to pardon themselves of their crimes as they are uncovered!

The second most arrogant bit of anonymous Lawyer wisdom comes from some enraged judge No-name nobody from nowhere. He and his anonymous crew of legal yak-artists got enraged due to the protest outside their Ivory Tower. People there and on “Social Media” (The peoples’ court) had heard the problem and immediately made the obvious choice, which was to allow an infant’s parents to take their sick baby to America from England for medical treatment. Arrogant, anonymous Judge High and Mighty could not stand huge numbers of ordinary peons having loud opinions, so he had his media bullhorns announce for him, anonymously, “People who don’t know what they are talking about should be silent!”

Sadly, it was the Lawyer – system’s own incompetence that caused millions of people to yank the secrecy from judge Nincom-poop’s antics. This mob of self-absorbed Lawyers took an abysmally simple case and debated it for ten god damned months while the baby got sicker and sicker. Finally, the infant became brain dead while waiting for all the Lawyers to finally shut up and the head Lawyer to crap out a decision.

Obviously, there are many matters that are much too important to allow rhetoric artists to decide. There is just no time to waste on scalawags who are more intent upon expanding the number of hours that they are overpaid than on getting the job done. I recommend that ALL of the Lawyers in both of these instances be unmasked, their riches confiscated and distributed to their thousands of victims, and that they be televised as they are dipped, head first, in vats of warm dog slobber.