When James Bauhaus was a teenager growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he was convicted of killing Jefferson Dee Hunt during a burglary of his home. James was sentenced to life, and has spent 35 years trying to prove his innocence.

He has uncovered secret police documents including police reports, fingerprint evidence, blood sample documents, and police artist sketches that show he had nothing to do with the murder. He has discovered how police manipulated the two witnesses who testified against him and falsified their reports.

Note: James wants to marry a foreign national woman in exchange for U.S citizenship. This will give him one more point in his favor for parole.

James is innocent, and the police knew it before he was convicted.

He has filed 44 legal instruments including appeals, lawsuits, post conviction relief, Habeus Corpus writs, En Banc request, and Rule 60b documents, trying to correct this monstrous injustice. At least 40 judges have denied every attempt, allowing the actual killer to remain free while James remains in prison. The court documents are here. James has written letters to various senators and officials as well.

We are his family, and we maintain this website in the hope that the truth published here may help keep others from being falsely convicted by the trickery of the court system. We can’t accept that the killer’s fingerprints do not match James, yet James is in prison. We can’t accept the denial of DNA testing on the hidden blood samples that would prove James innocence. View the court transcript and decide for yourself his innocence or guilt.

The articles on this site expose corruption in every governmental level from Tulsa police to federal judges, who seem to conspire to allow the real killer to go free and allow James to suffer for a crime he didn’t commit.

Other of James’ writings here reveal everyday injustice of the prison system and political machine.